Cincha began with the purpose of making travel a little easier and a lot more stylish.The existing travel accessories that keep your personal bags secured to your luggage lacked what we needed -- something cool that actually held our (Ash’s) overpacked bags. So, we sought out to create it ourselves – after many long nights, sips of Mezcal and plenty of daydreaming about travel… Cincha was born.

We always knew Cincha had to be more than just a cute travel accessory, so we sought out to see what other ways we could affect the greater good.  Since the beginning, Cincha has sought to support our communities in our own humble way. First, Cincha donated three meals worth of food for each TravelBelt sold to local food banks around the Bay Area. So far, we were able to donate over 3,300 meals worth of food.

 As of March 2021, Cincha has pivoted back to our travel roots and will donate 100 airline miles for each travel belt purchase, to use to reconnect separated migrant families.  We are so excited about this initiative and have already donated 1 Million Miles. Our mission to look good, do good, feel good remains our driving focus. Your continued support makes our entire initiative possible and allows us to proudly support organizations doing amazing work in this world. So, we want to thank each and every customer, follower, and fan for helping to make real our goals and hopes.

With love & gratitude,

Ash & James | Founders

CINCHA x miles4migrants

Recognizing the persistent migrant crisis in our country, Cincha donates 100 airline miles per travel belt purchase to help reconnect migrant families.

Miles4Migrants is a non-profit dedicated to using donated airline miles to reunite and relocate families around the world that have been separated by war, disasters and persecution. To learn more or to donate directly, click the link below.