About Cincha

We are Ash and James. In 2018, we were racing through the airport to make our connection. One hand balanced a bag on top of our luggage, the other lugged yet another bag. An all too common scene. We just couldn't find the right luggage strap to keep it all together: they were all either too loose, too cheap, too tight, or just plain ugly.

So, we decided to make our own: the Cincha travel belt. A luggage strap that secures your bags and frees your hand(s) while you’re on-the-go. 

Instead of worrying about your stuff, you can now focus on getting from A to B, worry free (rhyme intended). After all, the best accessories are those you never have to think about.

As we get a little older and wiser (hello 30's), we realize that your favorite accessories should look as good as they work. We started with the luggage strap (because, why not?). So, try it out; we made it for you. 

Safe Travels,

Team Cincha

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